Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Boats

We left Solomons in a small craft warning, but the winds were supposed to be behind us and we had the advice (Go!) from Dave and Lisa Ke 'Ola Kai, whom we trust implicitly for their opinions in these matters. So after they tested the waters, we followed them out and had a pretty decent run, except for some turbulence at the confluence of the Potomac, but that only lasted for a while. We pulled in to Deltaville, a quiet little spot with all kinds of anchorages. Sally and I were scouting the place out in the dinghy when we found a place that sells ETHANOL-FREE GASOLINE!!!!!! You can't imagine my excitement! I should have taken a photo of the attendant, but I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted me to be around anything flammable had I acted out like that. We haven't found ethanol-free gasoline since Canada, where they are too smart to put this poison in their gas. Apparently the farm lobbyists haven't bought all their legislators, yet.

And if that isn't enough to just jump up and down about, IT'S BEEN THREE DAYS SINCE I HAD TO PUMP UP THE DINGHY!!!! I'm sure I've whined about this before, as I'm not one to suffer in silence about something as important as this. It's been leaking a year and I finally found the hole and patched it. Once again, life is truly worth living.

So today we left Deltaville early to try to catch some of the favorable southbound tide to the mouth of the Chesapeake, but that wasn't to be, although it was dead, flat calm, sunny and a gorgeous day to travel. Sally picked today to test our our electrically heated motorcycle vests, my brilliant replacement for a flybridge enclosure. $160 for the vests vs. $6000 for an enclosure. They aren't perfect, but they help. Can you just see Sally wearing a Harley Davidson vest?

We pulled into Norfolk and saw hardly any warships compared to other times we've been here. I guess they have better places to be. We pulled into a marina and Sally walked over the the Apple doctor to get a cord fixed, so she is truly complete and has no excuse to not be blogging twice a day.

Today we are going down the Dismal Swamp, a canal surveyed through the woods and swamps by George Washington. It's beautiful, narrow, shallow and quite the adventure. There will be photos. Capt. Jeff

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