Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Off to Harrisville, MI!

The boats were ready and the crews of Odyssey and Adirondack were ready and the weather cooperated - so early this morning we motored out the marina near AuGres and headed out onto Lake Huron.

 It started out coolish, but the sun came out and we had no waves and a good run north to Harrisville where we topped off with diesel fuel and will spend the night before heading 80 miles across the lake to Canada tomorrow.

 Jeff is warming up to Westin. Jeff worked hard the past few days installing a new bike rack on the port side and scuba tank holders on the swim step on the back. His designs all worked out well with a minimum of frustration and off-color language. Yesterday he decided to replace the water pump and it did not go smoothly. There are only two bolts, but they were difficult to see and despite a large number of tools on the boat (tools come on a boat and never go off), we didn't have a 15 mm socket wrench. A large set of sockets came with a 14 mm and a 17 mm, but not the two in between. Luckily Greg had a 16 mm which worked (and we'll be looking for a 15 mm to have in stock). Westin was a great help - he is small and could get into the tight places in the engine room and his feet light up - very handy. So Jeff is warming up to the idea of having a crew member. He says he still has some reservations though. Sally

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