Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finally Stopped by Weather

Today is the first day in the whole trip we have been stopped by weather. Wes wants to go out and play in the forecast 6 to 10 footers, but I'm too scared to even venture outside and look at them. We left Shediac yesterday with our new crew, John and Jane, and started for Charlottetown, the capitol of Prince Edward Island. Jane proved her mettle right away by crawling inside our hull and replacing some bolts securing the dinghy, a job that Wes should have volunteered for. The wind started to pick up from the southwest and we pulled into a little wharf at Cape Tormentine that used to be the ferry terminal before the Confederation Bridge was built. It's pretty run down and has no amenities, but it sure beats being out in the waves. I told Wes he can go swimming in the surf, as there are some world class beaches right around the corner from us.

Hot news. Someone took a video of our little incident in Bobcaygeon, where Wes ran us up on the rock. It's been posted to YouTube at  Amazing. Please don't tell anyone about it, as Wes is a little embarrassed about the whole thing.  Capt. Jeff

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