Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Really up in the Saugenay River

We are waaay up the river, north of Tadoussac, which is right on the St. Lawrence River. We're getting ready to go whale watching tomorrow morning and will try to catch the tide at slack there. The ebb is reportedly up to 7 knots and when it swirls around with the current from the regular flow of the St. Lawrence it might get interesting. This is also where all the food and cold water upwell and it brings in nine varieties of whales, and we've only seen two kinds so far, the belugas and a couple Minkes. Wes is excited, and really turns out to be quite the whale watcher.

Our little problem with the finances and such has all been resolved with the LEGO corporation. They have installed me as the Benevolent Overlord of the world, giving me sweeping powers to make the place better. They are going to take care of all our financial needs so that I can't be bought and sold like the rest of the world's political heads. I may be buying a few boats or I may be turning into a Ghandi look-alike, with no hair, no carbon footprint and no possessions. I haven't decided yet.

1. Campaign finance reform. No contributions over $100. Contributors need to identify themselves.
2. Government has no place in the marriage issue. Adults can marry whomever they want.
3. No more riding lawnmowers allowed except for the handicapped and commercial uses.
4. Motorcycle riders need to wear helmets. Loud mufflers on any vehicles are illegal.
5. Assault rifles cannot be sold by anyone to anyone. The government will buy up those in use.
6. Citizens can carry firearms only to or from a legitimate sporting function. This includes hunting.
7. We're all adapting the metric system.
8. Four years of free education beyond high school for those who are capable.
9. New simplified tax system that can be computed on one sheet of paper.
    -No mortgage exemptions for second homes or boats
    -No mortgage exemptions for homes over $400,000
    -Offshore business and tax shelters are taxed the same as holding in the US.
    -Graduated income tax rates which end at a 50% rate for income over $1,000,000.
10. No more lawn fertilizer or weed killers

Capt. Jeff

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