Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Goodbye Halifax

What a fine boating town this is! There were all sorts of festivities in this fine spot and we hated to leave the dock and our great travel companions. Jane and John had to hit the trail back to Minnesota, so Sally and I are on our own again. We went out onto the bumpy Atlantic and got to the town dock in Mahone Bay, a delightful spot with two quilt stores, a yarn shop and a rug hooking store! (This is how I evaluate a town...) Sally was in textile heaven. Then we went out an anchored in a nice cove where we are catching up on details like this. Tomorrow we are off to Lunenburg where there is some sort of music festival and the place is full of boats, no place at the inn. Hopefully we will be able to raft up with Ke 'Ola Kai again! Wes really likes Lisa.

I also rigged up a really fancy fix for the hole in the boat. I put a boat rag on top of the epoxy patch, then a small board held in place with another board so even if the epoxy let loose it still won't leak.

 For those who are wondering whether this issue puts us at risk for sinking, keep in mind this was less than a half inch hole to start with before I epoxied it with this fancy stuff that works underwater. We haven't accumulated enough water since the incident to even come close to tripping the bilge pump that is dedicated to this compartment. A permanent fix awaits us in South Carolina. Capt. Jeff

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  1. looking forward to the picture! We can only imagine the conversation at the time of the "bump" and discovery. Glad you are safe and still enjoying the adventure! G&S