Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello Shelburne!

We stayed at Carter Beach on Monday, a long, pure white sand park in a bay with these picture perfect islands around us. Ke 'Ola Kai rafted up with us to prepare chicken and brats on the grill, beets and greens in the pressure cooker, ceasar salad, date bars, wine and more, I think. It was heaven, or as least as close as I'm going to get. We pulled out in the morning in the sunshine, which turned to pea soup fog, which turned to sunshine, then more fog, then ended in beautiful sunshine as we pulled in to Shelburne. This is a really cool looking town without a really pronounced presence on the waterfront like a lot of these places on the coast. It really shines as you walk back and see all period homes and shops, a real easy place to spend a day. Sally did laundry while I did another fix on the dinghy, checked anodes and batteries. Now I really am done working on the boat, really...  Wes didn't help a bit with the dirty stuff, but did offer some suggestions.

After the laundry spins it's last load, we will head down the harbour (that's Canadian) to have lunch with Dave and Mimi who we met in Halifax on their boat, "J. Michael." We are currently sitting on their lovely mooring ball at the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club. We really hope to see them again sometime, maybe cruising somewhere. You meet some folks on a trip like this that just seem to be perfect travel companions, and we are happy to have been able to spend time with them.

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