Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Jeff and I usually hate to shop. We don't buy many clothes and many are from Goodwill (25% off on Wednesdays if you are old). It has been a lot more fun to "provision" which means shopping for the boat.

We spent two nights in Fort Lauderdale. They have the mother ship of all West Marine stores there. It is HUGE - over 30 associates working and they do the same business in an ordinary month that the store where Jeff works part-time in Stillwater does in a year. We stocked up on a number of last minute items for the boat and each got a new swimsuit.

The next day, our friend Bill from "Monkey Girl," the cute tug we met up in the Chesapeake, took us grocery shopping. We filled two carts with food to take to the Bahamas. It was quite the shopping expedition. We have managed to find spots for all of it in various nooks and crannies on the boat. It was wonderful to see Bill and Laura and we hope to see them again in the Exumas.

We left Fort Lauderdale and are now in Miami, full of fuel, food and water. The weather looks like it might cooperate to settle down the waves in the Gulf Stream so we can cross to Bimini tomorrow. Sally

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