Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crew Change

We got to Charleston just after a violent thunderstorm and before more rain. Greg and i spent the night at anchor in a place called Whiteside Creek, just a few miles NE of Charleston. A bunch of bad stuff showed up on the radar and we appeared to be right in the zone. Many of us picture an anchorage as a protected spot, hiding in the trees sheltered from the wind. Well, this was sort of like being anchored out in the middle of an airport and we were definitely the tallest items in sight. It boomed and crackled and was bad enough to call Sally and have her check up on us, but really wasn't that bad.

We then pulled in to Charleston, one of the world's best boating cities. Greg and I did the Maritime Museum which features an aircraft carrier, destroyer and a submarine. Talk about a serious commitment to war. I just wonder if we could have health care someday instaed of battleships. Oh, well.

On the 7th, Greg flew out and Bob Meyenburg flew in. We pulled out of town the next day in terrific, but a little cold, weather and headed for Beaufort, SC, another of our favorites. We anchored along the way in Bull River and found that Sally and the boys and I had anchored in that very spot in 2007. Except that time we didn't back into a crab pot and wrap it around the prop like we did this time. Our new line cutter did its job. I was not looking forward to scuba diving in the murky, fast current.

Today we are on the hook out in front of Beaufort trying to figure out what we are going to do in Hilton Head, a complicated place. Here's one of the boats that is out here with us, a boat I find that hurts my eyes.

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