Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Sunday, November 11, 2012


This isn't our boat, but one that was parked right next to us at the spot we picked up our crab pot.

Tonight we are moored at the Westin in Savannah, just across the river from the expensive side, so we have to take a free ferry over there for the sights and sounds of one of the great southern cities. Last night we were at the Windmill Marina on Hilton Head Island, which turned out to be even more snazzy than it sounds. We were able to use our Bayfield Yacht Club membership (and it really doesn't seem much like a yacht club compared the the South Carolina Yacht Club we stayed at!) to get a very cheap rate. The place had a set of locks to enter it so the poor yachties don't have to deal with the tides.

Here is a blog entry from Bob Meyenburg, my latest crew guy. Disregard anything he says that conflicts with anything I say in my blog.

Day 5, 120 miles from Charleston, SC traveling south on the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW). Jeff and I are docked in front of the Westin hotel on the Savannah river across from downtown Savannah, Ga. 

We had a fine day touring the historic district in a trolley car bus driven by our guide Rueben - a very funny guy. A little overcast today and light rain but no big deal. Savannah is a great tourist town with a busy waterfront and a free ferry to take us back across when we were ready. Chocolate chip ice cream and pizza. Live it up fat boy!

We left Charleston on Day 2 and went 50+ miles anchoring off the ICW near the mouth of the Bull River. A sunny day, although it was cool, the night on the boat was calm and uneventful, that is, until morning. We were distracted just long enough after pulling up the anchor and drifted towards shore and caught a "crab pot" around the prop. This is not good as it has a tendency to strangle your forward motion. Har Har. Jeff thought he might have to don his diving gear and cut the Adirondack free. I volunteered to watch the boat. Fortunately the new line cutter just installed on the shaft (?) did the job. Jeff was quite relieved.

Day 3 we spent anchored ( for free) outside the marina in Beaufort, SC. We took the dinghy into town and did some touring in their historic district in a one-eyed horse drawn carriage. 26 year old Charlotte was our driver and guide. Seems the horse had cancer in his 3rd eyelid and survived and now pulls tourists 2-3 days a week. Beaufort is a very pleasant community. We crossed the river to find a restaurant we heard of and met some marina people who shared their beer right off with Jeff, who couldn't say enough about southern hospitality. Seems they were California transplants though - HA. Then we went to the Filling Station (bar) and had a 10 dollar steak meal.

Day 4 we left Beaufort for Hilton Head Island. A real special place noted for boating and golfing. We passed Parris Island where young Marines to be train. So, Jeff starts calling marinas and gets a reciprocity deal with the South Carolina Yacht Club. This marina had a lock we had to pass through, the inside of the marina is protected from tides and weather, so this is a pretty big deal. So we tie up right in front of like...a dockside mansion. If all the boats in this marina were sold and applied to the national debt we could tell the Chinese to take a hike. The MAN at the lobby door reminded Jeff to remove his hat (can't take him anyplace). 

So, Day 5 we arrive in Savannah, GA. What a wonderful place to include on a vacation in the south.

I have to mention that the ICW is near but a safe distance from the ocean. It is salt water, dolphins, cormorants, pelicans, and huge marshlands ranging out from shore. The elite build large beautiful homes on shore with walkways and docks that stretch out extremely long distances to reach the ICW. Like I could build one too if Susan and I sold our house to finance it. Of course we would have live in a tent on the beach. HA.

Tomorrow we'll leave Savannah and continue our trip to  Jacksonville, FL. The plan is to return before Thanksgiving, around Nov. 18-20.

Avast ye landlubbers,


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  1. Snowing in MN. Glad you guys are having fun and checking out good places for the trip UP the ICW next Spring! Sally