Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Friday, November 23, 2012

We're HOME! For a while...

Sally came back from Wilmington, NC while I was on the hard waiting out the hurricane. This turned out to be a very good piece of timing, as we had scheduled our repairs there exactly when Sandy came roaring through. Adirondack was up on stands in the yard, about 25 miles from the action. All I ended up with was a lot of wind, rain and leaves all over the boat. Not too shabby.

I then ended up going down the ICW with Greg and Bob, two friends who graciously helped me move to Jacksonville. It is possible to pilot him alone, but it's somewhat nervewracking to stay in the center of a ditch that is sometimes very shallow. It was a great run.

Adirondack is now parked in Lamb's yacht Center, a cheap place in Jacksonville, FL where he will be safe and have a few very minor modifications which were brought out in the survey we had to have for the insurance company. We will be back on board on Jan. 4 when we plan to head south to catch up with Dennis and Mary somewhere in the Bahamas. And because no blog is truly complete without a photo, here's some gannets we saw on Ille de Bonaventure this summer. There were a lot more.

So nice to be back in Minnesota. The temperature dropped from 60 degrees at noon yesterday to 21 this morning with a wind chill right around 0. So nice to be back in Minnesota. Our friends in Ft. Lauderdale called yesterday to tell us it's 80 and sunny. So nice to be back in Minnesota. Capt. Jeff

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