Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Monday, June 17, 2013

Annapolis, what a town!

I would love to post some of the photos we have taken here, but this computer just doesn't do it.

We are working our way slowly up the Chesapeake. We have visited Chrisfield, Oxford (big wind at the anchorage; we really appreciated the big Rocna anchor), Smith Island, Cambridge and are now nestled in a terrific anchorage on Spa Creek, just around the corner from "downtown" Annapolis. This is the second boatiest town I believe I've ever been in, just a slight notch below Newport, RI. It seems like there are more boats than people, and there are a LOT of people here on the weekends.

One particularly interesting spot here is "Ego Alley," a narrow spot where all kinds of expensive boats tie up and refresh themselves (yes, boats refresh themselves) while their occupants watch all the action. Some of that action includes observing the boathandling skills, whether someone can spin their boat around in the basin at the end of the "alley." Of course with all the thrusters and automatic docking equipment available today, most of the drivers can do it in their sleep, so it really isn't quite the big deal it used to be.

Sally and I attended two museums at the Naval Academy, one just devoted to the War of 1812 and another just devoted to the glorification of the Navy and how skilled the defense industry has looted gazillions of dollars from the treasury. I am just amazed at what this industry can spend. I can't even imagine what it must cost to clean this place, much less build, maintain and staff it.

In a few minutes my free wifi will be up and we'll be off across the bay to St. Michael. Yesterday we picked up Gina and her kids Justine and Kevin, who will cruise with us to Chesapeake City on Friday. We hope to stop at Rock Hall on Tuesday and check in with Andy, our old friend from the Bahamas, but this is a boat, and no schedule is ever written in ink. The weather forecast is just about ideal, however.

Boat projects: Sally and I replaced the sealant around the end of the shower, which lead to two other window sealing jobs.(how does that happen?) And we varnished the cabin floor. So we are all done working on the boat. What a relief.  Capt. Jeff

I got some photos in the blog - one of Jeff in Ego Alley! Sally

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