Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Back on the Trail!

Today we're in Yorktown, VA, enjoying another big history location. We did Jamestown two days ago and plan on Williamsburg tomorrow. Last night we happened on the a Blackbeard Pirate Festival and I happened to note a guy walking by on a folding bike. Because I'm somewhat familiar with this mode of transportation, I said, "Where's your boat?" he aid that it was parked nearby, and asked where ours was.

As it happened, "Adirondack" was anchored out a ways in front of us and I pointed to it. He said, "It's a Monk, isn't it?" As it turns out, they had one just a year older than ours. They invited us to a party celebrating ten years on that boat and we met other cruisers, sold our inflatable kayaks and had just one hell of a great time, capped by a great fireworks display. Capt. Jeff

Well, we're back on the boat with all the good things (water, scenery, people, sleeping) and some of the more difficult (dropping a new flashlight in the water and jamming up the windlass). The good definitely outweigh the bad. It was great to be home for a bit - we saw the boys, friends, worked a bit to pay for more diesel fuel and got a number of health tune-ups (dentist, doctor visits and hernia repairs!). Now we are exploring American history on our way to a Monk Rendezvous in a few days. We'll continue North to spend the summer on Lake Champlain - what a lucky pair we are. Sally

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