Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Monday, June 10, 2013

Heading Up the Bay

Around here, the Bay = the Chesapeake. We are now in the central bay and are enjoying the gazillion bays, anchorages, cute towns and crabs to eat. We left Deltaville where the Monk Rendezvous was held and went up to the Great Wicomico River to the town of Reedville. The town is full of old Victorian houses and has a great Fishermen's Museum, documenting the fishing for menhaden along with crabbing and oystering. We had a snack at the Crazy Crab - trying out Sugar Toads (a North Atlantic pufferfish currently in season) and eating some of the best crab cakes we've had so far -
another of our culinary quests.

Yesterday we crossed to the east side of the bay and went to Smith Island. This is a low lying island in the lower bay, settled for the past 300+ years by watermen and their families. It had the same somewhat ramshackle feel of towns in the Bahamas. The people were friendly but the deer flies were friendlier. Jeff must produce the pheromones of a female deer fly in heat because they just love him. We biked around the island and had to ride very fast to out run them. We had lunch at Juke's Deck - good food with a lovely view of the water and decrepit bikes in one corner. After sharing a piece of 10 layer cake, the official cake of Maryland, we took off further east and anchored in the bay at Crisfield.

Now we're back on the west side at Solomons for a trip to West Marine and two loads of laundry. We will keep working our way up the Bay toward Annapolis, exploring as we go. Sally

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