Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Left My Heart (and Part of My Keel) in Bobcaygeon

We've been having a delightful time. Our friends from Minnesota joined us in Severn and we set out on a rainy day going over the Chute - a railway that picks up your boat and takes it over a hill and into the next lake.

We've had some lovely days going through rivers and lakes, catching fish, staying at locks.

We worked  up to the height of land and the small lift lock at Kirkfield. Now we're going down river to Lake Ontario, so we go into the top of the locks and the water goes out and we head out into the next body of water.

Yesterday we spent the night in the cute town of Bobcaygeon in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes district. Lots of cottages and great ice cream at the Kawartha Dairy.

This morning we went through the lock ahead of Odyssey and headed out the canal leaving town. Jeff says Wes was learning to run the boat, but all I know is someone up on the fly bridge wasn't paying attention to the buoys. I was sitting on the front of the boat when I noticed it was getting very shallow on our port side - I yelled up to the Captain, when the boat crunched, stopped and tilted to the left. We lost a boat hook overboard and my knitting bag almost went in the drink. I had closed up all the cupboards, so nothing fell over in the galley.

Luckily Odyssey came along a bit later and was able to pull us off the rocks. We didn't hit the prop and there wasn't any water coming in, so we went on across the next lake after snagging our boat hook and finally made it into Stony Lake where we are tied up at a lovely public dock. Jeff used our scuba equipment and checked out the bottom of the boat and all we hit was the keel of the boat, so we managed to avert disaster and will have to watch Wes much more closely in the future. Sally

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  1. Nice summary. This is the first time (6/11) that I've ventured into the blog but am really enjoying it. Can't wait to hear more about WES!