Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peace on the boat

Wes has been moping around a lot about the grounding incident. He's been doing all the dishes, cleaned the bilge three times and trying his best to make up for what he did. I guess I can relate, although I've certainly never done anything that stupid in my life. Imagine, driving out of a clearly marked channel. He is certain he will be able to cover any damages caused by his negligence if I just give him access to one of our brokerage accounts. So I finally told him I'm going to let him do it, but only with one account. And I guess Sally doesn't need to know everything about this kind of financial arrangement, does she? And won't she be pleasantly surprised when it all works out? Now Wes is tickled pink, relieved that I trust him again. I saw him do that shining thing with his feet right after I gave him my account numbers and passwords. I wonder what's that is all about?

We're in Hastings, ON, parked on the wall waiting to go to Campbellford to drop off Kate Christopher and Phil Williams, whom we will sorely miss. Not only have they been great help in the locks, but great company on the boat. We wish them fair winds and calm seas in their camper, "Roadtrek." I think they need a traveling companion like Wes. Capt. Jeff

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