Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Medical update

After a little heart issue in Norfolk, where I ended up in the ER after Sally flew home, David and I brought Adirondack down the coast to Charleston, where he is parked at the St' John's Marina there. This is a delightful spot to stay. leave the boat or spend the winter.

The folks at the Sentara Leigh hospital recommended I go home and see my own cardiologist, though. And....

I'm having a battery of tests done at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester on 12/3, most of which I just had done either here or while I was in Norfolk last month, but I will have already been on Medicare for three whole days! I will have a consult with the Mayo cardiologist on Tuesday after he goes over all this, but my cardiologist wants me to hold out for a Dr. Hartzell Schaff, who he thinks is just about the best in the world at this kind of (s). He would do the job on Christmas Eve and I might be there for a week or so. So how about that for some happy holidays!! There's just no place I would rather spend time with friends and family.....
The good news is that I dropped 55# before all this, brought my blood pressure down to a somewhat normal number and have been on a steady walking program, all of which makes me a much better candidate for this procedure.

More to follow, especially if I can get this thing to post photos!