Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Friday, March 29, 2013

Boys going, gone home....

Tomorrow Adam flies out of Nassau for home, and the boat will be oh so quiet again. We made it to Nassau yesterday from Norman's Cay, former home of Carlos Lehder, still in prison for drug stuff, and allegedly still the owner of the island. We're told he used to pay the head of the Bahamian government $1,000,000 a week to operate out of there. It's amazing how much of the infrastructure out here was built with money spent by US citizens on drugs. And how it has gone downhill after enforcement.

We're in a Starbucks, the only place in Nassau where internet is available to us. We did better out in the Exuma wastelands. This is fast, though, as we try to catch up on everything. And now we can download photos! They include the lovely home owned by Frank and Darla that we parked outside of in Stanliel Cay for ten days while the wind howled out of the north. And another lovely Exuma scene.

More to follow. We are going to shoot for a crossing back to the US on Tuesday.  jeff

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