Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Personnel problems

Our blogs have been boring, far too factual, stuff few people really care about. Well, I'll start right at the top with the good stuff this time. Everyone knows who follows this blog that the captain is responsible for everything, especially the good stuff. And sometimes some folks think this is good, and sometimes not. I'll leave it to you, the gentle reader to decide how serious my own personal trouble is. And maybe I'll wait til later, after everyone else's....

You know by now all the problems we've been having with Sally. First, let me tell you how perfect she's been, in ALMOST EVERY WAY. Right now she's making a crustless quiche!  Just last night she came up with the fix for our Drag Queen app that tells us if the howling winds and current were blowing us down into the three other boats and reefs located just downwind of us. (They didn't.) It seems the iPhone looks for cell towers and turns the alarm off after it can't find any. After some communication with the developer wherin we impressed upon him just how important this all was, (too bad he couldn't have heard the crashing of the waves and howling wind!) he told us there was a fix coming and wht he thought the trouble was. My first tech/engineer/first mate/laundress/navigation/deckhand/cook/morale officer came upon an immediate solution. We used the iPad, which has all those bells and whistles, but no phone, so it doesn't shut off!!  Brilliant!! We slept well despite the really bad weather. It looks better today and we awoke in the same time zone, a credit to our Rocna.

And now the bad stuff: She's been pretty neglectful with the blogging, despite threats from sharks and poisonwood trees and very frequent requests for more information from most of her gentle readers, her fingertips are inside books, a truly despicable habit that gets in the way of getting these things done. I think this goes waaaay back. Aaand she found copies of the third season of Downton Abbey, which makes us both pretty useless until bedtime.

And now more troubles with Wes. You remember Wes, our stowaway Lego guy who caused all that trouble in the beginning about taking over the world and bringing truth and justice for all, changing the world economy, eliminating pollution, assault weapons, hate and riding lawnmowers (except for the handicapped, of course) and establishing a metric system, single payer health care, gay marriage and a few other things. Yes, Wes is going to get all this done but had to lay low for a while, so we had him doing dishes, cleaning the bilge, waxing the boat and trimming sails, anything to keep him under wraps, so to speak.

Well, we forgot to check him in when we got to Nassau! This means he has been traveling with us undocumented since the middle of January! We're not sure just how to handle it. We discussed it with him and he's decided to throw himself at the mercy of the Bahamian court and tell them we have had him doing dishes, cleaning the bilge, waxing the boat and trimming sails, anything to keep him under wraps, all lies. WE could be in serious trouble. We thought about starting Adirondack on fire and swimming for shore with him in it, but that sounds a bit drastic. Right now we have him confined in a garlic jar until we come up with something better.

And now my issues. Those who know me well know about my obsession with dirt in all of its awful forms. I can't sleep at night until everything in the boat is clean and in it's place. I spend all night planning the next day's attack on dirt (you just wouldn't believe how dirty a boat can get in four hours!) and then get up right away and start at it again. The mail boat has made a special trip over here because I've used up all their cleaning supplies, if you can believe that! Well now that the boat is done, I've moved onto the island of Staniel Cay itself, picking up roadsides and rubbish, washing the roads and cars. Now that I'm all done with that I'm diving an getting all the bottles in the Atlantic, and making a pretty penny on the recycling, too. Today, I'm re-washing our laundry; it has to have gotten dirty from yesterday.  Capt. Jeff

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  1. Hey, hey we wish we could be sharing cocktails with you two and swimming with the piggies! I hope you are missing us as much as we are missing you! We are in the BVI's now and heading to St Maarten on Thursday! What are your future cruising plans? MISS YOU GUYS!!

    Dave and Lisa
    S/V Ke 'Ola Kai

    PS Thorny Path was not thorny at all!
    PPS Peter and Laurie are meeting us in Antigua in April!