Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Friday, March 22, 2013

Boys in Town!

Well they are finally here! After planning for these dates well over a year ago, David and Adam flew in without a hitch last Sunday and we've all been cavorting around the area since. We went down to Blackpoint Harbor Settlement and Farmer's Cay for the true Bahamian town experiences, went scuba diving with all of our very own gear at the famed Sea Aquarium near Cambridge Cay, snorkeled at lot, danced with the pigs at Pig Bay at Big Majors, snorkelled both of the famed "grottos,"did a fair bit of hiking and beach walking, snorkelled a LOT, played more than a fair bit of cribbage (I won't tell anyone what those scores were), did a lot of eating and dishes, experienced too much sun and what a week it has been!

The weather has been quite reasonable and looks like it will hold out at least until David flies out from here on Sunday. We have a lot of photos of our activities, but the internet coverage here is pretty poor, nothing like we've had in our special spot in the South of Staniel, our home for ten days. We have some great photos of Fred and Darla's and their house (which is for sale, by the way) but this connection just won't allow it. After we put David on the plane on Sunday, we will head north for Nassau, where we hope to get in time to put Adam on the plane on Saturday. Then Sally and I will head for the Berry Islands, West End of Great Bahama and then Florida. Capt. Jeff

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