Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Boys on the Boat

It has been great to have the V berth once again filled with boys. They spent a year on the boat while we did the Great Loop in 2006-2007 so are truly "able seamen" and can help with anchoring, docking and WAXING! We spent a long, hot afternoon yesterday washing then waxing "Adirondack." It helped to have all four of us working on applying first Restore - a cleaning waxing compound, rubbing it off, then applying a coat of wax and finally polishing it. The boat looks great and this will help protect the fiberglass from the destructive effects of the sun, of which we have a lot here in the Bahamas.

We've had lots of fun in addition to working them hard and it has been wonderful to have them here. How lucky that their vacations overlapped for the first week. They did get lots of water time, reading, some cribbage (David double skunked Jeff on their first game!), walks, food, and only a bit of pink skin. David heads back to the cold North today and then we will work our way northward to get Adam to Nassau by next Saturday. Then we'll be looking to head back to Florida and start north to Lake Champlain for the summer. Sally

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