Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sharks!! And not much else.

A few days ago we were out snorkeling in the beautiful coral garden right in front of our boat. There was a shark that we think was bigger than these out there eying us up as we went through. I happened to be there again yesterday and spoke to him about the blogging problem. He said he would take it up with his buddies. So I happened to be downtown yesterday and saw this whole flock of them circling the dock. I immediately recognized my buddy and asked him what was happening. He said they were waiting for any non-bloggers to fall in the water.

The second photo is a house on the water with a seawall made entirely of conch shells. We don't have these in Minnesota, that's for sure.

We're still sitting on the boat awaiting a west to north wind coming from another front, and now there's supposed to be another next week. We may be here a while. Thankfully we have a dock that we can use and a place to park the bikes. Our new friends have also invited us out to dinner tonight. This isn't too bad of a place to be stuck in at all.

Today we met friends of friends in town, stopped for groceries and are about to go for a swim. Then cocktails on our neighbor's boat then dinner. We have to pace ourselves and concoct some new boat stories to keep the blog interesting.  Capt. Jeff

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