Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Friday, March 1, 2013

Tucked Into South Staniel

We are anchored in a bay at the south end of Staniel Cay waiting for the west and northwest winds that  started yesterday and are predicted to be pretty strong on Sunday. One other boat came in to share the anchorage - we can't quite figure out why more aren't using this space, as it has great protection from the west and north. We met some of the home owners on the edge of the bay and they said very few boats come in and anchor here, so we should have lots of space!

We dinghied over to the dock of the house named "Omega" right on the bay on Wednesday. They have a FOR SALE sign on the dock and we had emailed them if we could leave the dinghy at their dock or beach to get to town. They said that would be fine, so we motored over and were greeted by Darla at the dock. They have spent winters here for the past 30 years, flying down from Pennsylvania. They even have a garage for a plane and are just at the end of the airport runway.

Darla was just leaving to go help unload the delivery at Isles General Store and gave us a lift over in her golf cart, the main mode of transportation here. The mail boat had arrived with replenishments for the store. There were many there to help and get first dibs on fresh produce. We helped carry in boxes of dry goods and pop, met a nice bunch of people (including a woman who cruises the Apostles in the summer and another bunch who spend summers on Lake Champlain!). We then walked to town, stopped on the way back for "grouper fingers" at a little restaurant (and sat next to a couple from Brooklyn Park, MN), bought our fresh produce at Isles General and then back to the boat for a swim and snorkel.

The water here is incredibly clear. We could see our anchor nicely set in the sand and swam over to near shore where there was some lovely coral, lots of fish and a large nurse shark. 

Yesterday Jeff did a lot of exploring by dinghy and walked into town and I spent the day reading and knitting. We both had wonderful times!

Today we took the bikes into Omega's dock and rode to town to meet friends of Mary and Dennis "Tortola" who were now here at Staniel. We found bananas at the "Blue Store" and added those to our cache of fresh produce. The day is filling up: we plan to share cocktails with the other boat in the anchorage later today and then are going out to dinner with Darla and Fred from Omega and their friends who sail Lake Superior in the summer. Sally

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  1. As 1/2 of the couple you met from Brooklyn Pk in the above post I was just wondering how things are going.