Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blueberries for Sal

We had a great time at Camp Sabael on Indian Lake in the Adirondacks. We got to spend two weeks with David and Adam and my Dad, sit on the world's best porch, swim in delicious water, hike in the mountains, stain the porch and rebuild the kitchen deck and see lots of family and friends that are part of Camp.

We returned to Belfast Maine (with a stop at LL Bean in Freeport and purchase of many things blueberry)  and picked up our next crew, Anne (my Middlebury College roommate) and Mike from Kansas. Mike grew up in Maine and has had some good ideas of places we should go.
We went over to Castine to visit the Maine Maritime Academy and toured their training ship,  State of Maine, and found lobsters for dinner.

The next day we scampered (as fast as one can at 8 knots) to Rockland to duck in to a harbor with good protection from the predicted strong south winds from the hurricane Leslie moving up toward Nova Scotia. Rockland was a great place to spend a few nights. We toured the Farnsworth Art Museum with lots of Wyeth's and the Owl's Head Transportation Museum with lots of planes and old cars - that they take out and fly and drive periodically. The nearby watering hole, The Time Out Pub, had great fried clams, rivaling the ones in Escumiac NB, and a television for Jeff to get a little US Open Tennis time.

The waves didn't quite live up to the predictions of 10-12 feet and settled down after two days so we were able to cross over and check out North Haven then tuck into a beautiful anchorage, Perry Creek, just south in the island of Vinalhaven. We could explore up the creek in the dinghy - seeing Great Blue Heron and a floating house.

The wind was coming from the Northwest yesterday, so we headed out along the east coast of Vinalhaven, visiting the town at the southern end of the island. After a walk around town, we moved over to Hurricane Island and picked up a mooring ball at the site of a former Outward Bound School and now a research, education and leadership program. The hike around the island was great - woods and rocks, a buck scared off as we came by, interested remnants of the granite quarry that had provided stone for many famous buildings and the base of the Washington Monument.

Today we are off to work our way West - heading to Portland by the weekend. Maine is wonderful and we want to come back! Sally

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