Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Boston Bound

And tonight we are in Glouchester, MA, on a mooring right in front of Peter and Laurie's house. Who are they? We met them in Quebec a loong time ago, cruised much of the DownEast Loop with them until they pulled ahead of us and now we are together again, at least with Peter. We are planning more adventures in some of the the same areas later this year. We had dinner with Peter and his daughter after he shlepped us around to fill up our brand new propane tank that he had picked up for us. Life is good.

We just left Portsmouth, NH this morning after holing up there for three days while a storm roared through  for a few hours one night. What a town this is!! It is now my personal favorite, barely edging out Halifax. Great stores, atmosphere, a West Marine and a rich history in a very walkable package. Life is good.

We had another little boat adventure yesterday. Our outboard got sick again and the outboard doctor suggested a good fuel filter to prevent future infection. As I was looking at the dinghy for a mounting location I noticed one of the dinghy davit brackets was badly cracked. This is a big deal, as it carries the entire weight of the dinghy and its motor and if it broke while we were underway out in the big water like we were in today it would not be good. I went to the trusty West Marine store and got some of those ratchet binder things and supported it until a new one arrives tomorrow from California. A close call, to be sure. Life is good.

It's going to be just like Christmas when we get to Boston tomorrow! We are getting a new pumpout adapter so we can empty our holding tank just like everyone else, some new navigation chips and the bracket. And we get to see our friends, the Deckers. Life is good. Capt. Jeff

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