Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crew change, moving again

And still no photos. It still won't let me post them. And I have some dandies.

Peg took off on the train to catch her return flight at Baltimore, while Sally and I puttered around the boat in preparation for her flight from Norfolk back to MSP. We missed her right away. We had all attended a Cruiser's Snowbird Rendezvous there at Hampton which turned out to be quite the gala affair, with lots of seminars, free food and interesting people. Sally got a ride from some Monk owners we met the last time we were here who just happened to be cruising the docks and saw her on the boat. They volunteered to give her a ride under the tunnel to the airport, which was a really big favor. While she was negotiating that, I was trying to figure out a yard that would haul Adirondack and give him a couple coats of new bottom paint.

After she left by car at 0600, I traversed the bottom of Chesapeake Bay to get to Cobb's Marina in Norfolk for that work, which turned out to be only about three miles from the airport. And it was rough, with 3 - 5' waves on the beam and stuff flying all about for an hour. I really missed her during that, although I'm sure she didn't feel the same. After he was hauled out, we didn't find any other problems that needed attention. This is often not the case in the cruising lifestyle, I can tell you. Our boat has been sooo good to us, lately!

So today I'm thinking about waxing about half of the hull and saving the rest for David, who arrives on Tuesday to accompany me south to Charleston where we are parking Adirondack until the end of January or so. And then we don't know where we will go. I'm hoping to fire up "TrawlerTime," a charter business which will focus on the East Coast and the Bahamas. If I get a couple charters to the Bahamas???  We'll see.

Meanwhile I'm puttering on the boat, broken up by lots of walks and biking. For the record, Norfolk is one of the worst places in the US I've ever biked in. Few bike lanes, bad sidewalks, inconsiderate drivers, few curb cuts, leave your bike at home.

Off to Wesr Marine!

Capt. jeff

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