Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Crew Onboard!

        Jeff at the end of the dredged canal on Spanish Wells. He's not a famous person. What a beach!

 Pink Sand beach on Harbour Island, home of very rich and famous, right out in front of "Sip-Sip," where everyone in the know meets for lunch.  It's said you can't walk around here without bumping into a famous person. It was full of spring breakers and we couldn't even get on the waiting list. We probably did run into a famous person, but didn't know it......

                               "Pigly Wigly" grocery store with a surprisingly good selection. We rode a golf cart around for a day with friends. Better to ride than drive, as it' a bit hectic. I'm sure that's a famous person in that cart.

                                   Locals (but probably not famous) performing at our dock.
Another issue with our outboard. This is the Outboard Hospital that was recommended to us, the only facility on the Island. The famous ER outboard doctor rushed out all gowned up and fixed it. I couldn't understand anything but the price. But he fixed it!

We crossed from Little Harbour at the south end of the Abacos to the Eleuthera set of islands, kind of a different state in the Bahamas. We had never been here before which isn't a big deal, but the crossing was. The ocean is mostly 12,000 feet deep, compared to the banks which are around 6 - 10' deep and there are wind and waves out there, so we get frightened easily. Our jump was only about 50 miles, but it wasn't as flat as it could have been.

We pulled into a perfect anchorage called Royal Island where I explored some old ruins while Sally knit. (This happens a lot.) We moved down towards Spanish Wells and anchored there a few days and explored the town. It's very different than other locations. First, it's quite prosperous, contributing half of the Bahamian lobster output. And it has a very interesting economic model, quite socialistic in its own way, a product of religion and tradition that keeps young people gainfully employed, respected and on the island. We're impressed.

Then we moved to over to Harbour Island, playground for the rich and famous. Pretty cool, but I don't think we have to come back. Our outboard got filled up with junk again and had to be cleaned out again so we weren't able to go get David at the ferry dock as planned.

David came aboard on the 12th after flying to Nassau and then aboard a hopper to North Eleuthera. A short ferry ride brought him right to the dock! We checked out the town, walked the beaches and had a fabulous lunch where the locals dine. We know that folks here can easily spend over $100 for lunch and hotels are $500. Wow, time to hit the road!

Weather has been super, 80's in the daytime with too much sun, and then it drops into the 70's after dark. No bugs, yet, although we have heard stories.

Capt. Jeff

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