Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Sunday, March 22, 2015

More new crew onboard!

                                            Iron shore and pink sand beach


                                                                   Banyan tree

Beautiful beach and "Devil's Backbone" passage. This doesn't really look quite so fearsome with a wide angle lens and from ashore, but it scares many a mariner who wants to cross the top of Eleuthera Island to Harbour Island. Every cruising source told us to use a pilot to get through here and we did. For a mere $100, "Woody" came alongside, tied his skiff to Adirondack and expertly threaded our way through these reefs to get into the bay frequented by many a movie star, although we didn't recognize anyone. We got his services AND two loaves of excellent bread. This is where David joined us by air.

We spent some time there and went back that way without a pilot this time leading a couple other boats who are deeper than we are, as we had an electronic track and remembered the route pretty well. This photo was taken pretty close to the spot where a group of folks who were seeking religious freedom fled Bermuda in 1648 and wrecked their boat. Imagine wrecking your boat in a place like this about a million miles from England, Ireland or wherever? They came ashore and found Preacher's Cave where they lived for quite some time before moving on to the rest of Eleuthera. We have photos.

We continued south along the coast to Governor's Harbour where we rented quite the car to get to Rock Sound and pick up Adam. We then all went back up to Harbour Island so he could visit this very interesting place. I'm not sure I have to go there again.

We continued south to Davis Harbour where we spent a few days in a tired looking, but very friendly (and cheap) marina. Adirondack got waxed, which in and of itself is worth a blog entry! The boys got to go out scuba diving with a crew that lowered a "chumcicle" a frozen bucket of fish that attracts sharks. The divers sit on the bottom and watch the sharks circle about and eat. It sounded pretty cool, and when I figure out how, I'll add some photos.

This morning David had to fly home. We had made arrangements for a ride for him to the airport, confirmed multiple times. What could go wrong, right? At the appointed time, 0545, no ride. He was supposed to be at the airport at 0600. Some sportfisher guy drove by and parked at the end of the dock at 0600. I asked him for a ride and he took him there. David's original driver showed up at 0648, only 48 minutes late. Too close for comfort.  We just got a text from him and he reports being home safe.

He also reports that the water damage in our bedroom wall is fixed. Last month one of our sprinklers located behind a tall bookshelf leaked down into the condo below us, making a real mess down there and wrecking our wall. Our bill just came in at $800; I can't imagine what the bill for downstairs will be.

Tonight we are in a fancier spot called Cape Eleuthera, where we have real laundry and interesting things to do. And a really nice swimming pool, which we haven't seen in quite a while. And we still have Adam, who is a great help on the anchoring/docking/dishes crew.

Capt. Jeff

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