Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another blow coming, and more!

Just to explain some of the routines down here, we'll tell you about more weather. A big western blow is coming on Sunday they say, and a lesser one tomorrow. There are precious few locations for protection from this direction, so everyone has this on their agenda. We found this cute little spot on our own on the charts. It's right at the south end of the Staniel Cay runway, so we get a few airplanes a day and it was shallow and tight to get into, but it looks like great protection, is accessible to the metropolis of Staniel Cay (where you can't even buy a lousy cucumber) and it has a very decent wifi connection! What else could a cruiser want? It better be nice; we could be trapped here for a week. Maybe Sally will write a blog! (I just couldn't help it....)

We had a potentially divisive incident here this morning, but she deftly got around it by splitting the last pieces of coconut bread perfectly in two portions. It's tough out here, and that coconut bread is GOOD!

And I should confess that everything doesn't always go so perfectly. So at home when we flush, it all disappears and we hardly give it a thought. When we are on the boat in the States, it all goes into our holding tank and pumped out on a regular basis into a sewer system. This requires some thought, but not much. Well, not out here; there are no pumpout facilities in the Bahamas, period. This means it goes into that holding tank and we wait until we traveling are in a deep channel and we "macerate," or pump out overboard, hopefully. No problem, right? (By the way, I think it's illegal to even use that word "macerate" while on a boat in Lake Superior or Lake Champlain.)

Well our macerator hasn't been operating just when we want it to, every time. And this is a VERY BIG DEAL. Once that holding tank fills up, we are done toileting if we can't pump out. This is a VERY BIG DEAL!! For some unexplained reason I've gotten it to work by flipping the diverter valve back and forth, and I poured some white vinegar down the pumpout opening in hopes of cleaning out any uric acid in there, but neither of these solutions make any sense. Let me tell you, there is no sweeter smell to us than when that pumpout thingy is dumping poop over the side. We will keep you updated, as we know our intrepid readers are on the edge of their seats about this one.

 We invited the biggest one for dinner a few nights ago and put him on the grill.

This woman makes the best bread in the Bahamas.

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