Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Friday, February 15, 2013

More of the same, sort of

So every day is sort of the same. We always wake up at 0615, put on the coffee and wait for Chris Parker, some guy in Florida who does weather on the SSB radio. Everyone is up at 0630 to listen, because this drives everything in the Bahamas. There's supposedly a big front coming through tomorrow, so we will seek shelter in a marina or a bay out of the 25 knot winds.

Last night was a little different, though. We booked a Valentine's dinner at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, dinghied quite a long ways there before dark and dinghied quite a longer ways back to the boat at 2200 when it was really dark. And it was kind of bouncy, due to swells coming around from the side at Big Major, our anchorage. (There 's a beach right there with a bunch of pigs that come right out to meet you and eat anything you might bring as an offering.) Sally went to sleep right away, but I had to mess with a bridle system to set the boat against the swells so I could sleep, finally at 0100. We moved to a quieter spot today, just north of Fowl Cay, a place known for their $100/per person dinner. We didn't.

We finally got some wifi! Sally updated my phone, I was able to call my mother and we could answer 12,000 emails. Life is good. Today we went scuba diving and the divemaster speared four lionfish, the scourge of these waters. We took them home, cleaned them and they were supper. Delicious!

The second photo above is the welcome to Compass Cay marina, kind of a pricey little spot that charges you $10 per person to get off your dinghy and wander about. We didn't.

Adirondack still is performing admirably. It's so nice to not have anything to repair. We are so happy to be all done working on this boat! I should report that I built a scuba tank rack out of driftwood the other day. Pretty boring, but it really is the kind of accomplishment that cruisers get excited about. AND Sally got my iPhone backed up, what a great day it was!

Capt. Jeff

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