Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Compass Cay Connecting

All kinds of hot information for the intrepid bloggers! We spent two gorgeous days on Cambridge Cay, an interesting island with lots of interesting snorkeling and beaches and hiking. We would love to include some photos, but we are in a place that sells a tiny bit of megabytes for a lot of money and we don't even know how much it might cost to upload a photo, no matter how beautiful.

Lots of sun, warm water and very few people out here. We've been snorkeling and eating with Andy on "Andante," but we went our separate ways this afternoon, but will probably meet up again, maybe on Staniel Cay, a real town. By "real town," we mean someplace with stores, real internet, docks. I'm amazed to note just how remote the Exumas really are, compared to the other parts of the Bahamas we have been in.

The boat is still working admirably well. We have our occasional trepidations, like yesterday when the propane alarm woke us up, signalling the smell of an impending explosion. We know it's just kidding, as it does once in a while, except this time it went into a "warmup" mode for 15 minutes and looked like it was going to quit supplying us propane. This means no coffee, no food, no tea and the end of life as we know it. Just after I figured out a way to bypass that system, tear it out and toss it into the sea, it straightened out and now works. Sort of like when we started to mention the word "Yamaha" in front of our outboard it started to act like it should. Capt. Jeff

The islands continue to entrant us - blue water, white sand, mild temperatures. Where there isn't sand, however, the rocks are vicious - sharp, holey, pointy. We wear our Crocs and step very carefully so that we don't trip. We are making only short moves, which is slowing down my knitting. We don't go far and the routes are often twisty. The water on the Exuma Banks is very shallow, so you have to pay attention to the water color, which indicates the deeper water.

We are getting some good snorkeling. Just north of Cambridge Cay is an area called the "Sea Aquarium" by which the park has placed two dinghy mooring buoys. We went with Andy, who jumped in first then popped up and yelled, "There are LOTS of fish!" There was a school of black and white striped fish that were very friendly to me - followed me wherever I swam. I think they liked my $5 blue polka dot swimsuit. We even saw a lovely sea turtle swimming by. Sally

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