Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not always Pina Coladas

So the other day we were pulling away from Chesapeake City, a cute little spot in the middle of the C & D Canal that connects Delaware Bay and Chesapeake Bay. We anchored there after a bouncy passage up the Delaware after spending some time with Bill and Laura, two nice folks on a cute red American Tug that we met there. A few miles down the road the engine started to starve, a symptom of a clogged fuel filter. Now this engine (recently named "Felix," after my father) has two sets of fuel filters, the primary one that is easily replaceable, and a secondary one that's not. Those who remember our last scuffle with the fuel filter issue will recall that I have lots of experience in replacing the primaries. I knew it was the secondary, mounted on the engine and requiring more sophisticated tactics.

Well it just so happened that my new friend Bill and I had just been discussing this very topic yesterday and he seemed to have some ideas about this. We turned around and went back to see if he really knew what he was talking about. A very short time later we were underway again! Anyone who watched this repair would say he did the whole thing, but I know he couldn't have done it without me, as I knew where the spare filters were stashed.

So down the road we went to Rock Hall, where we tied up to the free city dock. We planned to stay there a day, but got all wrapped up in another repair project. It seems our "Wirie," a miraculous invention that finds wifi miles away from anywhere, had been acting up. I had notified their tech support people, but we hadn't gotten around to implimenting their suggestion, which involved taking down the mast and tightening a connection. We also wanted to wire up the Wirie in a more permanent fashion, as it has become a real asset to our communications. So we dropped the mast and were deep into this when Bill and Laura pulled up and docked behind us. Bill then spent much of the afternoon helping us with the project, finishing just before cocktail time. And now it seems the Wirie works again! Capt. Jeff

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