Adventures of Adirondack

Adventures of Adirondack

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Safe in Beach Haven

Another interesting day that started out from a quiet anchorage just off the Manasquan Inlet to New Jersey, south of New York City. We ran from an incredible spot behind the Statue of Liberty to Manasquan, outside in the Atlantic Ocean. It wasn't fun, three to four foot waves on the beam until we got to the inlet, which didn't look too tough until we got into it. For the second time in our boating experience on Adirondack, I "gave it all she's got" to get through that outgoing current. We were happy to get on the other side and into Glimmer Glass, a quiet anchorage near there.

We woke to serious fog, and proceeded south in it, using radar and the foghorn. We saw one other boat. We also almost ran into a great big marker in the fog, but we don't want to talk about that today.  Right now we are tied up to the dock in a marina, here because we spent $1000 on fuel. Capt. Jeff

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